How do I get samples to the laboratory?

  • Samples are conveniently sent by courier.  We will provide pre-labelled courier bags, or the appropriate courier tickets, depending on size of packaging and temperature requirements.
  • In general samples for microbiological testing should be sent chilled at around 2-8°C, or frozen.
  • If sending water samples, contact us, and a sampling kit will be sent with appropriate instructions.

What documentation is required?

A sample submission form for chemical or microbiological testing can be downloaded, or for routine testing, we will design and send you submission documents according to your requirements. If you prefer, you can use your own forms.

How long before results are ready?

We will advise you of the standard reporting time for the testing services being provided. Urgent tests and interim reporting will be carried out as requested.

Are there discounts for volume testing?

We will provide a quotation based on reductions for multiple sample testing, high throughput, and a regular testing schedule.

Are results available online? 

We also offer an eResults option so you can receive your results online – you can register or login to eResults by following this link.